Minkaa Daisy: Where Sustainability and Jewelry Meet!

At Minkaa Daisy Jewelry we are proud to do our part for our beautiful planet. We have made it our priority to create quality and responsibly sourced jewelry with Eco-Friendly packaging. 
We have chosen recycled materials such as custom tin packaging, because tin is sustainably and endlessly recyclable. Which most definitely means, less waste in our landfills! In addition we have ensured that our recycled paper jewelry cards are made from companies  who follow FSC standards to ensure forests are being properly cared for.         
FSC - Minkaa Daisy sustainability        
Minkaa Daisy Sustainable packaging
Of course, Minkaa Daisy Jewelry couldn't stop there!
We were drawn to join forces with EcoCart for a Carbon Neutral Checkout! 
With the Eco Cart project, our company is able to help offset the amount of Carbon being dumped and left to rot our precious planet!
For every order placed using Eco-Cart at checkout, a tree is planted and we are able to reduce an average of 24lbs of CO2 emissions from shipping.  
As our passion grew, we partnered with The Amazon Rainforest Protection through Eco Cart in Acre, Brazil. Tropical forests are the most biodiverse habitats on Earth. They are home to 70% of the Earth's plants and animal species. These projects work with communities and local groups to help protect ecosystem services while providing alternative models of economic development which avoid the destruction of the forest.

Brazil Rainforest Minkaa Daisy 





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