Precious Pearl Jewelry

Trending and Timeless Pearls

This summer is all about the pearls and we couldn’t agree more! These one-of-a-kind natural treasures of earth are grown in freshwater oysters and mussels, taking up to three years to produce. No pearl is the same, there are a vast variety of colors and shapes, giving each pearl it’s own uniqueness. Pearls are timeless and sophisticated, the natural iridescence gives any look the perfect amount of shine.

There is a pearl for everyone in our Precious Pearl Collection, and we really do mean everyone! Whether it’s baroque, kashy, coin, mother of pearl or freshwater pearls, each is hand-selected to create a stunning, yet timeless addition to your wardrobe. Each pearl is carefully crafted and polished to perfection. Whether you're looking to wear them casually with jeans and a t-shirt or as a formal look for a wedding or other events, these pearls are sure to turn heads. 

If you’re looking for the perfect statement piece, look no further than the best-selling Bombshell Baroque Pearl Necklace. The gorgeous combination of the pearlescent white baroque pearl and golden accents creates an aura of sophistication and glamour. With it’s timeless design and radiant glow, this eye-catching necklace will be sure to be the center of attention.

From necklaces to earrings to bracelets, each piece in this collection is sure to become your favorite. The Adjustable Seed Bead Skinny Baroque Pearl Bracelets, are ideal for any occasion. The sleek and minimalistic design of this bracelet gives the perfect pop of color and upgrade to any look. The Kashy Pearl Sunset Necklace, glistens and glimmers in the natural light to give you the magic touch, making an effortless look timeless.

Indulge in luxury and make a statement with these stunning pearl jewelry pieces. 

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