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The Minkaa Daisy Blog has bloomed!

Hello, I'm Dawn McKean. But most of you know me by Mrs. Minkaa

My passion for design goes in many directions, but jewelry has always been a blooming obsession. Inevitably, this became clearer as I learned more about myself and grew stronger from life's uncharted paths. My Dear friends… I knew I wasn't the only one traveling life’s unknown and that's when Minkaa Daisy bloomed. The Patented 6 petal daisy is a goddess’ flower symbolizing love. Our unique hexagon shaped petals represent the Unknown in life, Human, Animal, Plant, Mineral and Angelic. I wanted to express to everyone how similar and strong we all are in our journey in life. The 6 petal daisy symbolizes a circle of energy and love while also representing a fully balanced life. It is also reversible to remind us we have the power to conquer and change our lives. This relatable daisy has become an important statement in many peoples jewelry expressions. We all have an unknown journey to travel, the 6 petal Daisy reminds us to stay balanced as we go through life, creating our own unique story... Oh, what a story it is!

Representation Of Petals

Unknown Petal - (The longest petal) is what carves our path in life. It drives us, challenges us,  scares us, elevates us, grows us, rewards us, humbles us, creates desire, makes us question… 

The Unknown makes us human.

“Human Petal” - The need for individual strength, connection, acceptance and love.

“Animal Petal” - ‘The Protector’ - We are a pack that sticks together. Have you ever heard someone say that “it takes a village to raise a family”? Well, that's how I see the meaning of the animal 
petal; we protect each other. 

“Plant Petal” - ‘The renewal of life’ - All life deserves a second chance. We grow, we change and we evolve. We all need to be fed emotionally, physically and spiritually to keep the mind, body and 

soul healthy.

“Mineral Petal” - THE JEWELS - They embody this beautiful earth.

“Angelic Petal” - Spiritual connection and protection which we all seek to understand.

I am here with my loving, supportive, talented, hardworking and unwavering team, whom I call family.  We have crossed endless paths together and this unique 6 petal daisy holds 

a lot of meaning too. But more than anything, we want it to do the same for you.

 We are grateful to continue creating jewelry to bring both joy and connections 

to people from all walks of life. I truly believe when the unknown in life happens, it was meant to be… New adventures, new dreams and positive energy can come from any unknown. We are honored and committed to keep designing for you! May one or all of Minkaa Daisy’s designs fill your day with blooming happiness as you travel through life's unknown. 

Love you more than Diamonds, 

Mrs. Minkaa

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