Mothers Day 2023 Gifts

Mother's Day 2023 - Gift Guide

Mother's Day: Gift Guide

Whether you’re shopping for your mom, wife, sister, MIL or grandma, the question is what unique gift will you get them this year? PSA: Mother’s Day is May 14th! Buildable jewelry that’s personal to her, full of beauty, and never ending. Minkaa Daisy has the piece you can’t wait to give mom this year!

Signature Daisy Shape

Timeless, reversible, effortless… The Reversible Classic Daisy and Reversible Buttercup Daisy Set. The best part? These pieces give mom two looks in one! The unique hexagon shaped 6 petals represent Human, Animal, Plant, Mineral, Angelic & the Unknown in our world. Give mom a one-of-a-kind piece that’s guaranteed to be loved!

Never Ending & Buildable

Be beautiful & bold with, Big Bling Daisy Hoops, Classic Daisy Hoops, Crystalled Daisy Hoops, and Baby Crystalled Daisy Hoops, all exclusive show stopping staples. Mom is going to want to keep building her ear stack after getting attached to one of these pieces!

Personal to Her — Remember that’s what Mother’s Day is all about!

Start Moms collection with the gift idea that you can keep adding on to with all future celebrations — Personalized Daisy Initials. Gift her a precious pendant that symbolizes what means the most to her, whether it’s one of your initials, siblings, children, grandchildren and pet. 

Something That Says “I Love You”

Thoughtfully designed with you in mind, these jewels say it all. Tell her, that she’s more valued than the rarest diamonds with the “Love You More Than Diamonds” Love Locket Necklace. Or bring her “Good Fortune” with Dripping with Diamonds. You simply can’t go wrong with something that shines as bright as mom & her love!

Bold & Beautiful Just Like Her

Give her something that’s genuinely unique. The Dalila Drop Earrings and Dalila Drop Multi Strand Necklace that playful, yet a classic piece  made of genuine pearls, mother of pearl, turquoise, bronzing sandstone. All handcrafted into our signature daisy shape, making these an ideal gift for mom. These genuine stones and shells are on everyone’s wishlist.

So make mom’s dreams come true this Mother’s Day. She deserves to feel special because she has always been your biggest fan!

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