Fox Jewelry

Behind the Design: The meaning behind our crystal Fox Jewelry

One of our most popular designs are pieces featuring our trademarked Orbiting Crystal Fox. From earring studs, bracelets to necklaces our crystal fox jewelry is sure to be the perfect accent to any style. Thousands of women and jewelry collectors have fallen in love with pieces like our Lucky Crystal Fox Design Necklace. You may be wondering what is the meaning behind this exquisite design? Let’s explore!


The crystal fox designs represent a number of symbols. Among those are good luck and good fortune. Let’s face it, in the hustle and bustle of today’s world who couldn’t use a little bit of each on their side!  The fox also stands for powerful and positive energy. With so much negativity in the world the fox is the alternative! The fox charm also shines a spotlight on the inner beauty of the person wearing it. And last, but not least, the fox symbolizes love. Love for one another, and love for oneself. 


Crafted with high quality crystals and real gold plating, our lucky fox designs for everyone gives fashion jewelry collectors a unique opportunity to own a special charm piece that is both valuable and meaningful. Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone? Choose a memorable gift from our studs, earrings, or necklaces featuring our exclusive crystal fox design.


At Minkaa Daisy, our mission is to provide our community of amazing girls, women and men with unique, superior quality jewelry for an affordable price. Our everyday wear and trending fashion jewelry collections are designed to bring harmony, good luck, and magical balance to your life. Mix and match our pieces to create many stunning looks! Visit our online store and explore the possibilities! 

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